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This poem paints the path of my life.

Poem: From Science to Poetry


I have no reason to regret my decision

The trajectory of my life is a parabola

Science helped map my life’s equation

But now I have fallen in love with Poetry

I have chosen beauty over brains

Science is amazing but Poetry is the ecstasy

The nectar of life is not a scientific equation

The berries of life are found hanging in trees

How can I have missed this important lesson?

Life’s lessons are full of joy and sorrow

But science taught me the source of pain

From the neurovascular bundles to the network of nerve fibres

Science was not romantic and aromatic

Poetry is the source of my romantic words

My lovers devour all of my flavors

You cannot miss my sweet spot

It is all poured on paper

Just like the ejaculation of time

I am flowing into an unknown future

Full of life but yet drawn to the mystery of the unknown

I am the monument of passion and poetry is my pedestal

How can I say no to this proposal?

Science was good to me

Filling me with the magic of numbers

I was always dumbfounded by the complexity of life

But now poetry gave me the taste of heaven

I am flabbergasted by the simplicity of life

It is not something to compare

Science holds its own secrets in petri dishes and test tubes

But Poetry reveals secrets inside my heart

It is a joy to have known science

It is a miracle to hold the beautiful spirit of poetry

And be naked on the bed of life

I am not dreaming, it is my lover’s nest

That occupies my heart

I know some people will call me mad

But then who has not fallen in love

And tasted the ecstasy of being

Poetry is the summit of my search for knowing

I have travelled the plains of life

Plastered with foreign dogmas, intoxicated with logic

But now I am free from the hallucinogens

I am rehabilitating myself inside the tabernacle of being

Silence is my remedy and my doctor

Unconditional Love is my doctrine

From now on, call me not a Scientist

I am a Spirit Poet


© Kenneth Maswabi



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