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This poem is a journey of self-destruction.

Poem: From Silence to Turbulence


The human spirit is a beautiful phenomenon

It is laden with the soft material of peace

It is a place brimming with unconditional Love

It is a serene and quiet place of unimaginable beauty

It is the Silence within that forms a canopy of tranquillity

A hidden paradise exist deep within our being

This is the summit of all creation

The pinnacle of beauty

But there is a catch, or let me say catch 22

The human being was created to come out of the burrow of his being

To fully undress itself of the beauty of the spirit

And be disintegrated into body, mind and soul

The human being is both blessed and cursed

To enter the physical world and be free to taste the contents of life

It is not the succulent taste of life that is the problem

It is the formation of a malignant tumour deep in the human psyche (ego)

Upon entering this world, the beautiful human spirit is slowly discarded

And a new form of existence is manufactured

Acquired knowledge becomes the golden tool

That is used to explore the new world

The human being becomes intoxicated with his/her mind

Thoughts are used on the track of life (ideologies)

Either to create a beautiful niche or to exploit others

Emotions are used to gather sympathy or deceive others

The human being has now entered a dark realm

Where others are used to gain traction of life

Competition and individualism are the new ideologies

Selfishness and wickedness are born out of this turbulent mind

Exploitation becomes the tool to gather the produce of materialism

Inequality is the end product of this cunningly designed scam

Poverty is created to oppress others

This is the most potent form of betrayal of oneself

The human being has turned against itself

It has become a slayer of its own kind

It is intoxicated with ego, selfishness and wickedness

It has tasted the poisonous relish from the pot of materialism

It has become a force of evil

This the realm of turbulence

The darkness is thick and the storm is forever

It is a place of uncertainty and chaos


©Kenneth Maswabi




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