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This poem reveals the journey of a spirit poet…from time to timelessness.

Poem: From Time to timelessness

You stole from me

When I was young and fragile

You took away my mother

Never to be seen again

You hid her from my eyes

But I held onto her

Through the blood in my veins

I am forever in her heart

And she is forever in my mind, body and soul


Now you brought me a new desire

You saw the passion wrapped around my neck

The emptiness in my heart

And made my dream come true

You opened my eyes

To the mystery of life

You bestowed upon me

Your precious gift

To understand

Sorrow and pain

I needed a brutal lesson

Tears were not enough

To teach me Love

You gave me Silence

To unravel the mystery of Love

You gave me

Joy and laughter

You served me peace

I am a witness

Of your brutality

And your Love

I am a petri-dish

For your home made fantasy

I am a recipe

For your pain and your Love

I am a monument

For your tears and your laughter

I am a path

For your light and your darkness

You made me into day and night

Removing the curtain from my eyes

You gave me the keys to timelessness (eternity)

An existence beyond you


© Kenneth Maswabi



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