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This poem is a call to renewal of spirit.

Poem: Globalization of Divine Love


Now that the book of history have been flipped over

By the ferocious wind of Covid-19 disease

Let us pause and rewind

To the last chapter in our history book

Globalization has brought tremendous economic benefits

To the house of humanity

The global village project has been an astounding success

But what can mankind learn from this piece of history?

It’s time to reprogram our globalization program

To realign the heart of humanity with his actions

It’s time to unveil the Marshall Plan for the future

Globalization of godly Love

Let us repaint the streets of the world

Not only with the produce of materialism

But with the beautiful fruits of the spirit (compassion, hope, kindness)

Let us hold hands

As we eradicate poverty from the face of humanity

Let us turn the climate change disaster into a field of innovation

Let our children not lie idle in the streets

With unemployment written on their foreheads

Let’s fund youth programs

As we accelerate poverty eradication schemes

Let us permanently address inequality

Uproot it from all forms of life

Let’s bring down the wall between developed and 3rd world countries

Build infrastructure to house the best hospitals and schools

From every corner of the world, let good health be a basic human right

It’s time to bring down other malfunctioning systems of governance (Dictatorships)

Eradicate systemic injustices and repression

Let us build an utopia for all

Not only to bring tranquillity and prosperity

But to address the fundamental malformations in the heart of Man (evil)

It’s true that we have severely been afflicted by the Covid-19 pandemic

We lost loved ones in the blink of an eye

We were left hopeless in our makeshift burrows

As social distancing became the norm

We held our breaths as the hands of time shifted

We did not know who was next

We all did not want to die

But we were all in the crosshairs of death

Now that we have been given another chance

Let us rewrite our wrongs

And solidify our Love

On the face of every form of human life


©Kenneth Maswabi



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