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This poem reveals the nature of God.

Poem: God is poem that flows forever


Like the canvas of the universe

We cannot comprehend the poetry of God

We can only look in awe

As the spectacle of His mercy is uncovered

The flow of His glory goes beyond our imagination

God is a poem that flows forever

Not the kind of poem that is full of ripples and uncertainty

God is the author of all poems

From the canvas of nature (flora and fauna)

We have seen the studio of God submerged in beauty

It is not only beauty that is showcased

It is the river of life, diversity of thought

And the many songs and colours

God is a master composer

All His notes are spectacular

With stripes, he wrote a poem called zebra

I have seen His magical ink

It covers the sky with blue molecules of peace

God is not only a Poet

He is a Poet’s Poet

He places the moon in the middle of the night

Just to illuminate a rare form of beauty

Under the influence of the spell of moonlight

God taught us many lessons

To be giants in our own ways

He taught us to be fearless

Amidst the giant waves of hopelessness and pain

He gave us these three pearls of sacred knowledge

Faith, Hope and Love

To conquer our own minds

And liberate ourselves from the shackles of logic

God taught us the skills to survive forever (eternity)

Inside His majestic poetry book (existence)

God revealed His heart

The name of His poem is Unconditional Love


©Kenneth Maswabi


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