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This poem opens the petals of God’s love.

Poem: God’s love


In the natural world

God’s love

Comes unsealed

In packets of honey

Droplets of sunshine

And colourful petals

God’s love

Flows from the honeycombs of life

The succulent berries

The glittering stars

And the freshly baked air

God’s love

Appear in our everyday stories

The abundant produce of the farmer

The caring hands of doctors

The smile from your neighbour

God’s love

Show up

In shady places

Deserted homes

Isolated street corners

God’s love

Inhabit the poorest areas

Reside in strangers

Populate the abandoned nests of life

God’s love is everywhere

Inside our loved ones’ hearts

Envelopes our words

Under our pillows

In the sky

God’s love is whispered

By the passing breeze

By the bright morning skies

God’s love is forever in our hearts


©Kenneth Maswabi







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