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This poem is a garment of goodness.

Poem: Goodness is not a character of man or woman


In the overwhelming events of today’s world

It’s rare to find a good man or woman

Everyone is fighting for themselves

Either to build a legacy or an identity

It’s all so common in today’s streets of life

It’s especially common in the boardrooms

Where the mantra is eat or be eaten

And the mission is to maximize profits

Regardless of the enormous mound of ethical issues

That fills the binder on the table

It’s now clear

That goodness is not a character of a man or woman

Goodness is a garment

And in this moment

President Joe Biden has put on the garment of goodness

And it’s upon his fellow countrymen and women

To put on the garment of goodness

And follow him

It’s totally true

That the chaos of yesterday

Can be cleared within minutes

If you have a good broom

President Joe Biden has epitomized this sacred broom

And it’s upon the American people to reflect

And make solid decisions

Not based on partisan politics

But on the ethos of humanity

It’s time for a fresh start



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