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This poem opens the veins of happiness.

Poem: Happiness


It’s not the womb of life

That gives birth to you

It’s the cosmic realm of nothingness

That creates the petals of happiness

It’s the everlasting spirit

That moulds you

Into a beautiful day

Or an awesome moment

You exist to nourish our body, mind and soul

You are the bread of life

Your absence is like a cold winter night

Stabbing the heart with bitterness

Your presence is like a beautiful moonlight

Illuminating our body, mind and soul

Uplifting our spirit to the higher branches of consciousness

The realm of Love

You are most cherished by all

You are the eternal element

That remains hidden

In our hearts

Unless we unfold you

And discover your radiant beauty

We will remain lost

Inside the labyrinth of life

You are the tears

That have been turned into sunshine

You are the most palatable nectar on earth


©Kenneth Maswabi



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