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This is the true heart of Love.

Poem: Heart of Love


In this addition

I am not in a hurry

To declare my love

To the most beautiful woman in the street

I am reluctant to listen to my emotional firestorm

The sparks are too hot to handle

I am going to look away

To the other side of beauty

Divine Love is the most beautiful gift

That I will share with you

I will walk naked into the spiritual lakes

To fish for shiny jewels of Love

So I can place them in your heart

It is with these fruits of the spirit

That I will declare my Love to you

I will open my heart

And drag you in

So that you can see my madness

You will see the ocean of Love

And you will know the Truth

Love is a form of you

I will freely give it back to you

I Love you


©Kenneth Maswabi



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