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This poem talks about the most beautiful state of existence in the whole of reality…Nothingness.

Poem: Holding nothingness in my being


It’s not science fiction

Or a story from the cemetery

I hold nothingness in my being

Do not expect me to be full of knowledge

Knowledge is like a bowl of water

To wash my face

Do not attach me to your ideas

Ideas are like leaves, vibrant today and dead tomorrow

I am a sea of nothingness

Like a breeze I don’t fear the wind

The wind can only make me stronger

I am unbreakable

Because there is nothing to break

Death cannot touch me

Because there is nothing to kill

A monument of peace

Stand erect in my being

Humility is my dress

Kindness, my crown

I hold nothingness in my being

I am a molecule of Silence

Emptiness is my composition

There is nothing to see

Just an open sea of nothingness

Words come to me

From the land of the unknown

Mysteries to unravel

Curtains to open

Still waters to drink

I am stillness

Body, mind and soul

All garments of Silence

In this state of nothingness

I am full of the unknown

The known is folded

And displayed on the veil of awareness

Awareness is my classroom

My house is Silence

A library of Love

Open 24 hours

Inside my being


© Kenneth Maswabi








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