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This poem stirs the poet back to reality.

Poem: How are you dear Poet?


In the highway of consciousness

It’s not easy to stop and listen

But some have stopped in the middle of a poem

And some have listened in the middle of the night

It was not the flow of the poem or the silence of the night

It was the spirit shifting from joy to sorrow

It’s not easy to stop the flow of the poem

But sometimes one has to stop and wipe away the tears

It’s a painful experience to listen to the flow of tears

Unlike the flow of a waterfall, tears are full of sadness

How are you dear Poet?

It’s my simple way of checking on you

Away from the open chapters of poetry

Away from the lakes of ink

It’s my way of telling you that I care

Not only for your magical rivers of poetry

But for the beautiful life that you carry

I hope this is not a sad poem

That opens the flood of tears

Casting a blanket of sorrow

Into the inner recesses of consciousness

Sometimes, it’s entirely okay to be sad or to cry

Also, it’s okay to laugh and smile

You deserve the full plate of accolades

You are blessed

Thank you


©Kenneth Maswabi


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