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This poem looks at the vast difference between human intelligence and consciousness.

Poem: Human intelligence versus Consciousness.

In all the faculties of modern education and life
Intelligence is a form of high grade opium
Very potent in its ability to put someone on the path of illusion and disillusion
It is used to acquire professional accolades
And build an array of identities and attachments
It is a source of material wealth on the world stage
And a cultural shining armor that is proudly showcased
This is the classroom of logic
Where life works in algorithms, equations and theories
This is the biggest source of inequality, recklessness and selfishness in today’s world
Intelligence is the golden cow that is worshipped by all
Now, let me take you to the realm of consciousness
Here, everyone is treated with dignity and unconditional love
Regardless of the status in life, human life is sacred (all life is sacred)
Totally consecrated and blessed beyond imagination
Consciousness is the ability to be aware of yourself, others, environment and God in the deepest sense
To empathize and be compassionate
To care and serve without reservations
To love unconditionally
To put hope, faith and love before logic and personal circumstances
To spend time with the unknown (Spirit)
The Silence within is the door to the realm of the spirit
Spiritual awareness is the highest summit of life
Awareness takes you to the realm of eternity
And erases all the illusions and delusions of life
Awareness takes you closer to the Truth (God)
©Kenneth Maswabi
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