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This poem unveils the simplest way to earning a gold medal in life.

Poem: Humanity’s gold standard


What does it take to be a model human being?

Does it take years of education?

Or primitive ways of nurturing?

Do you have to be breastfed in your infancy?

Or to be filled with religious doctrine?

Do you have to be rich or poor?

Do you have to be healthy?

Do you have to be white, black, yellow, red or pink?

These questions are not academic

You don’t need many years of tutoring

Or an encyclopaedic mind

To know the answers

It’s the substance of the truth

That nourishes the spirit

It’s the spirit that manifests goodness

Humanity’s gold standard is not a scale

It’s our collective embrace

Our unwritten covenant

Humanity’s gold standard is Love

It’s only the heart of Love

That brings peace to life

It’s only the spirit of Love

That has the power to overcome fear

And pour itself onto the fabric of life

Not to stain but to cleanse and nourish the fibre of existence

It’s truly remarkable to meet a good person

It’s not only their words that exudes goodness

It’s their manner, charm and actions

You don’t need mathematicians to calculate the amount of goodness in them

You just need your heart to embrace their presence

It’s sad that humanity has abandoned the heart of Love

And replaced it with selfishness

It’s only through the heart of Love

That humanity can taste everlasting happiness, peace and Love

This is not a fantasy or an imaginary utopia

This is the path of Light

Unless we undress our hearts of lies, deceit and selfishness

We will never know the true meaning of Love

Love is not only a sacred divine awareness of the Light in our being

Love is the habitat of eternity

And the inhabitant of forever

Only Love can save us from our selfish ways



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