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This poem reveals the grace of God.

Poem: Humility is a state of being


Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of humility

It is an art for those who stand on the pedestal of awareness

Looking far beyond the horizon of the present moment

The humble are inside an everlasting lesson of existence

Listening to the flowing vibrations of Silence

They are absorbed into the entire fabric of existence

Selflessness is their only path in life

Swallowed by the pulsation of the timeless existence

Humility is their only garment on the face of life

They are not here to address the ups and downs of life

Or partake in the bashing of one another

They are here to undress the beautiful face of existence

To reveal the heartbeat of God

Humility is a state of being beyond the ordinary

It is a sacred display of the art of existence

Showcasing the selfless flow of the spirit of God

Into all the crevices of his creation (life)

Humility is a river of awareness

Submerging all seekers into a trance

A beautiful dream that is undefinable

Its composition is unknown

Its message is clearly visible

It is the awesomeness of God

That has taken over every desire

It is the grace of God

That inhabits every fibre of being

It is the Love of God that defines the humble


©Kenneth Maswabi



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