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This poem reveals the colour, texture and contours of my spirit – Poetry.

Poem: I am a landscape of Poetry


In this manuscript of life

Poetry flows from the texture of my being

When I am still and enveloped in Silence

Poetry is melted from the substance of my being

And start to ooze from the fabric of my existence

I am totally absent from the intricate land of poetry

Yet I can feel the warmth of its beautiful sunshine

Because I am present at the mountain peak of my being (Silence)

It is here at the summit of my existence

That I start to experience the most remarkable presence

It is madness yet it’s soothing and full of ecstasy

Everything else is frozen and only poetry is allowed to bloom

This sacred phenomenon is not born out of logic or time and space

It is a rare occurrence that reveals the colour, texture and contours of the spirit

The human spirit is dressed in Poetry

The human spirit is ever ready to showcase the beauty within

And to address itself in the vastness of the human consciousness

The human spirit is a far more beautiful place than we can ever imagine

It is a wildness that is fully loaded with life

It is an ocean of unconditional Love

The human spirit rises above the pinnacle of the physical existence (materialism)

And extends into the everlasting realm of Love

It is here where poetry resides

And all the molecules of existence are formatted

To produce a state beyond life – Silence

This is the most beautiful state of being

It is well nourished and full of peace, happiness and Love

This is the source of spirit poetry

And I am a spirit poet

Wearing the garment of unconditional Love

I have nothing to fear or worry about

Because Love is my spear and my shield

My madness and my medicine

Poetry is my landscape or land escape

I am at home inside the house of Poetry


©Kenneth Maswabi


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