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This poem is excavating the core of my being.

Poem: I am a spirit poet


As the fibre of my consciousness unfold

Reality is hyperextended

To reveal a surreal form of existence

Not formed from the strands of logic

But created from the substance of Love

It’s not the solidified substance of consciousness

That is illuminated

It’s the ghostly frame of consciousness

That inhabits my being

I am not a being inside the capsule of life

I am the fibre on the fabric of consciousness

I am the strand on the canvas of existence

Every part of my being is submerged in nothingness

Every atom in my life is a speck of emptiness

I am silence inside the cubicle of existence

I am a molecule of the unknown

The fabric of the unmanifested

I exist as a strand of Love

To embrace all the manifested forms of being

To adorn the heart of Man (Woman)

To soak the bowl of existence

It’s not madness

It’s something beyond madness

Outside the perimeter of knowing

Nothingness encapsulate the life of a spirit poet


©Kenneth Maswabi


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