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This poem is an everlasting dream.

Poem: I closed my eyes


I closed my eyes

Yet I continue to see

Through the vastness of consciousness

My eyes are extended

In the thick cloud of dreams

My eyes are present

In the darkest hour of sorrow

I am always with you

It’s not that I am extremely sensitive

I just happen to be there

When tears well in your eyes

I feel them through the fibre of my being

I have tried many times to close my eyes

But all I feel is you

In the Silence of my being

You are the face of existence

In the emptiness of my existence

You are the tree of life

I feel your joy in my face

Like a breeze rubbing the cord of my life

I feel your smile as it flows through the fibre of my being

I am not alone in the bowl of my existence

I am always encapsulated inside the fibre of your being

I am always attached to the garment of your life

I think the umbilical cord of your existence extends into my heart

Where it’s attached to the fibre of my being

I cannot close my eyes

Even when I try

I will always see your face

You are the womb of my existence

You are forever the ocean of my being

I am in your everlasting embrace

I am forever in Love with you

You are my everlasting dream


©Kenneth Maswabi




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