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This poem reveals my secret.

Poem: I don’t write for myself and by myself


I am not mad

I am totally insane

Not because I am affected and afflicted

Or possessed by demonic forces

I am intoxicated by the contents of Silence

Every vessel of my being is submerged in ecstasy

The molecules of peace, hope and happiness envelope my being

The cord of existence nourishes the stem of my being

The womb of existence is my home

I don’t write for myself and by myself

I am in the presence of Silence

Silence is my madness and my medicine

I write according to the prescribed state of awareness

The path of Light is full of knowledge

One cannot fully comprehend it all

Unless one is cured of his/her blindness (ego)

And allowed to be present inside the realm of nothingness

This is the remedy to my insanity

To be naked inside the garden of life

And let my spirit be seen

Hopefully, bringing meaning and healing

Beyond our daily squabbles with life


©Kenneth Maswabi



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