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This poem is the face of poverty and inequality.

Poem: “I have made it” Syndrome


This unknown biopsychosocial malignancy

Causes more harm to poor countries than poverty

The newly macadamized road to success is full of horror stories

After years of trauma in the squalid classrooms of life

Many young men and women find themselves infected

Affected by this malignant disease of the mind

In their chronically deprived state of being

They consider educational achievements as a pot of gold

And will step over those who are vulnerable and poor

Corruption is a symptom of this devastating disease

Deceit and lies are also symptoms listed in medical literature

“I have made it” Syndrome is responsible for the perpetuation of the status quo

The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer

It’s a sad world where intelligence is the only form of academic standard of measurement

Those who find themselves in the dean’s list are considered well groomed

Regardless of their undesirous human traits

They are given a seat at the table of leadership and success

The boardrooms of this world are full of unscrupulous characters

Because of this ill-defined approach to life

It’s not too late to find a remedy to this madness

Let us find a cure or even a vaccine to this scourge

Let us cleanse the mind before we can climb the pedestal of success

Maybe then inequality will be halved

And extreme poverty will be eradicated

The streets of life will be paved with happiness


©Kenneth Maswabi



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