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This poem unveils a world of Silence.

Poem: I, the Spirit Poet speaks in Silence


It’s not uncommon

For me to speak in Silence

As my mind, body and soul are licensed

To dwell in the realm of emptiness

Every so often, I find myself completely surrounded by nothingness

My spirit comfortably resting in the palm of existence

The fibre of my being poured on the carpet of life

All of my life totally absorbed by the fabric of existence

In all my imaginations and dreams

I have never found comfort in the realm of sound

My peace comes from my complete disappearance

As I am a molecule of nothingness

I have not much to say

All my words are deflated

And my Silence is inflated

It’s not uncommon

For me to receive words

Out of the empty skies of Silence

And make a shower of poems

It’s the emptiness of my being

That hold the key to the world of poetry

In the habitat of my being

Only Silence is allowed to roam

I have stopped chasing after thoughts

All thoughts have been removed

Not because of the ongoing renovations

But because my body, mind and soul are bricks

Inside the realm of the spirit

I have accepted my place

Inside the vastness of nothingness

I, the spirit poet speaks in Silence


©Kenneth Maswabi



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