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This poem is my dream

Poem: I want to be a Poet


I have been to the classroom of knowledge

It is full of thirsty brains and hungry attitudes

There is no room for a soul like me

With no intention of sticking on the saucepan of knowledge

I want to taste the waters of consciousness

Not limited by the level of my intelligence quotient (IQ)

I want to submerge myself in the ocean of awareness

To publish the manuscript of peace in my heart

And not worry about its validation and peer review

To gather myself inside the room of Silence

And not be concerned about my mental stability

I don’t want to be diagnosed as antisocial or introvert

I just want to let myself dive deep into the substance of the spirit

And not be overwhelmed by the burden of my logical thoughts

I want to be a poet who speaks to mountains and valleys

Questioning them about their lavish lifestyle

And the source of their incredible modus vivendi

I want to be a poet who travels with sparrows and swallows

I want to be with them during their board meetings

I want to see them discuss weather patterns and geography

It is a joy to be able to fly so high and not worry about falling

I want to be a poet who has no limitations

Traveling beyond this universe into other dimensions

Not bothered by the high perimeter of logic

Or the darkness inside the unknown

I want to be truly free inside the realm of nothingness

To hold the substance of my being and feel its freedom


©Kenneth Maswabi




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