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This is the face of the egocentric self.

Poem: Identity


This is the most important weapon

In the arsenal of the egocentric self

So much of the mind is hanged on this simply human construct

Your identity is the symbol of your external being

Your identity can make or break you

Identity has caused so many to commit atrocities

Identity has pushed so many to the top

Identity has produced so many bullies

Identity is a malignant cancer on the psyche of man (woman)

Identity is causes ongoing battles even among close friends

Identity crisis is a thorn that can deflate even the strongest ego

But what is identity?

This is an illusion that has similar characteristics to glue

Identity will bind you to your gender or colour or tribe

Identity will glue you to your circle of friends

Identity is a force that drives the madness of materialism

Identity will totally take over the faculties of your mind

It will make you to reject your family members or friends

Identity will close all the crevices in your heart

And seal the well of compassion, hope and humility

It’s only the selfless that have overcome this innocent looking monster

They have shed and left the scaly skin of identity behind

And now they walk free inside the realm of nothingness

They don’t see neither gender barriers nor socially constructed walls

They see only human beings

They have removed the blindfold in their eyes

They are now walking on the path of Light

And now they are bowing down to unconditional Love

They are now occupying the substance of their being

Neither material things nor man-made identities can fool them anymore

They see right through the heart of Man (Woman)

And they are looking for fear, loneliness, hopelessness and darkness

They are always ready to cleanse the heart and pour the waters of the spirit

They are always ready to be the Love and be in Love

They are the daughters and sons of unconditional Love


©Kenneth Maswabi





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