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This poem speaks about nothingness.

Poem: In between


It’s not the carpet underneath my feet

Or the sky above my head

That holds me still

It’s the Silence within

That gives me courage to sip from the cup of peace

I am constantly battered by the winds of time

Shaking the stem of my being

Like it’s hurricane season

I am tossed to and fro

Between certainty and uncertainty

The escalating covid-19 disease mortality

Pushes me closer to hopelessness

But then I am made of Faith, Hope and Love

I cannot change the contents of my being

I can only pray for calm

The spirit in me is not shaken

The mind, body and soul are sticking together

Even in these difficult times

It’s the spiritual contents of my being

That hold the banner of hope

I am fully undressed of fear

And all of my being is submerged in hope

The substance of life is a mystery

But then I am submerged in mystery

The tentacles of time and space

Are totally subdued

And the tabernacle of my being

Holds nothing but Silence

God is the Mystery, the Silence and the Hope

Who am I to stand in between me and Him?


©Kenneth Maswabi



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