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This poem speaks about God.

Poem: In His Silence


God is full of grace

Adorned with unconditional Love

He is a mystery beyond us mortals

Yet, His heart is always open for us to occupy

In His Silence, He speaks many languages

Connecting us mortals with His beautiful Spirit

His Mother tongue is Silence

Yet, He has a billion ways of speaking

He spoke to me in Silence

Because I was wrapped in nothingness

There was no medium for any other form of communication

I was empty of all the human made vocabulary and circumstances

My emptiness was the chord in His majestic orchestra

I was the symphony for His most beautiful song

I was the melody in His vocals

In His Silence, God is the perfect being

And in my Silence, I am closer to God

In all our desires, needs and wants

Let us find the Silence within

And embrace the deepest part of our being

In His Silence, God inhabits our hearts

Filling us with the most beautiful existence

In His Silence, God is an oasis of Hope, Faith and Love

He is merciful and full of Glory

In His Silence, God speaks to me


©Kenneth Maswabi

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