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This poem reveals the fullness of consciousness.

Poem: In human form


Consciousness enveloped the heart of Man

Extending its reach to the mind above

Not to denounce the spiritual being

But to enhance the experience of life

It’s only when the mind, body and soul

Are entwined in oneness (spirit)

That one experiences the fullness of consciousness

But what is fullness of consciousness?

It’s the ability to be your true self (spiritual being) regardless of your experiences

Let not the classroom of logic change your being

Let not the substance of materialism inhabit your heart

Let not fear fill the bowl of your life

Let not hopelessness be your garment

Let not judgement enter your mouth

Always stay connected to the womb of existence

Find nourishment in the fruits of the spirit

Be kind, compassionate and fill your heart with humility

Let your being be the abode of peace

Always live in the “Now” regardless of your circumstances

Let hope, faith and Love be your path

Let not joy or sorrow pollute your being

To hold no fear in your heart

Let fearlessness be your strength

To be the pedestal of hope

Let the ray of hope occupy your path

To be the ocean of Love

Let God be your everlasting life

In human form

We are the nodules of the spirit

That have solidified on the physical surface of existence

In human form

We are the tentacles of consciousness

Reaching out to inhabit each other’s lives

Not out of selfishness

But out of the Glory of God


©Kenneth Maswabi




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