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This poem removes the curtain of blindness and reveals the path of Light.

Poem: In search of Perfection


Time was invented

By those who are not perfect

To instil some semblance of order and certainty

To distil the impurities inside the sphere of uncertainty

In his pursuit for the garment of perfection

Mankind thought he has stumbled across a precision tool for validity

But he was wrong

Validity is not measured in timeliness

Truth and logic are not the same

Mankind was pursuing logic

And left the truth behind

Logic will give you a false sense of perfection

While the truth gives you the imperfection that is valid

Perfection cannot be applied on the face of physicality

The acidity of the physical environment cannot allow perfection to exist

It’s only the spirit that can erect a monument of perfection

And dispel the impurities of uncertainty

Through faith, hope and Love

A garment of perfection is attained

This is the imperfection that is valid for ever and ever

This is the art of Silence

It is the state of being that is forever perfect in an imperfect world

The stillness of mind, body and soul is a rare achievement

Especially in a world that have been swamped with logic

A world that put emphasis on time and space not the state of being (consciousness)

If you can reach the state of silence (stillness), you are not far from true freedom and peace

It’s the medicine (therapy) against uncertainty, fear and hopelessness


©Kenneth Maswabi




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