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This poem examines the Silence within.

Poem: In Silence


I am a dream that does not have characters

Just the vastness of being

Displayed on the canvas of existence

In Silence I am broken down into one huge sense of existence

My bones and flesh are pounded into nothingness

My fears and dreams are melted

And I am reborn into the land of nothingness

In silence I stand erect on the podium of awareness

My senses are shattered by the hammer of emptiness

And my thoughts are solidified into interdimensional consciousness

In silence the fibre of my being is illuminated

Existence becomes my only possession

I cannot resist the temptation to be naked

And fall into the palm of Love

In Silence I am the template of being

Love is the envelope that hold my dreams

Everything else is forgotten

And nothingness is the pillar of my being

In silence I am


©Kenneth Maswabi


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