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This is a poem to denounce the reckless acts of racism as inspired by the recent death of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer in the USA.




Poem: In the mindset

In the mindset


It’s truly remarkable

That some in an advanced society

Holds onto the wickedness of a barbaric era

It’s beyond the boundary of thought

To wake up in the morning

And watch a barbaric act of racism

Where one man’s life is squeezed out

With the hammer of one’s knee

In the name of race

Not even a care in the world

Hands in the pockets

A so called “policeman”

Caught in a horrendous act

Now the question is

What created such a monster?

Who gave him the audacity to kill?

Is it the badge of law that he holds?

Or a deep seated hatred

An uncontrolled urge to expunge a black man’s life

It’s in the mindset

A carelessly held believe

That a black man’s life is worthless

Until and unless this mindset is set ablaze

And a new brand of consciousness is planted

Many will continue to kill in the name of race

Eight minutes and forty-six seconds

Will forever be engraved in our minds

To represent the mindset of cold blooded killer

I pray for humanity to come together

Under the envelope of common sense

And denounce this heinous act

Enough is enough


© Kenneth Maswabi





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