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This poem is a walk on the path of the spirit.

Poem: In the realm of the spirit


I have found a home

That speaks to me in soft tones

Like a whirlwind of silence

My heart is an open sea of words

I am engulfed by this beautiful emptiness

Like a brook, I am slowly flowing to the ocean of my being

I have found a beautiful empty chair

Inside the realm of the spirit

This is my home now

Where I will undress myself

And be like wild berries, fully clothed with sweetness

I will address the solitary moment

And announce my re-birth

It is here where my death occurred

And it is here where I will fully come back to life

Like a phoenix, I will rise from the ashes

And be the epitome of being

I will climb to the highest branches of consciousness

And be the branch of hope, peace and happiness

I will dive to the deepest sea of existence

And feel the painful moment of depression, loneliness and fear

There I will gather my soul

And be the pedestal of hope

I beg you not to be tormented by my words

I am a flimsy miracle

That is ready to be born


©Kenneth Maswabi


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