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This poem is a platform for happiness.

Poem: In these times


In the history of existence

There was never a time

When happiness was in short supply

The bowl of happiness has always been full to capacity

Even in times of sorrow and in times of war

The cellars of happiness are never empty

It’s only the face of humanity that is drained of happiness

Especially in these times of uncertainties

When the heart of humanity is in turmoil

And hopelessness envelopes every thought

Now it’s well known

That money can’t buy happiness

It’s the spirit of Man (Woman) that knows the fountain of life

It’s your spirit that will lead you to happiness

Even when tears well up in your eyes

Your happiness is closer than you think

You have to unbutton your life

From the hopelessness and uncertainties of the world

For you to find the oasis of happiness

You have to cut the cords of attachments and identities

For you to walk the path of happiness

You have to abandon your ego

For you to drink from the spiritual well of happiness

It’s true we all want happiness

We all want to live on cloud nine

We want to be on top of the world

We want to be as happy as a clam

But true happiness

Only comes to those who are free

©Kenneth Maswabi




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