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This poem is an inoculation of hope.

Poem: Inoculation


An injection is painful

But an injection of poetry subdues my pain

I have been inoculated with many vaccines

But the vaccine of hope gives me peace of mind

It protects me against multiple strains of fear

And envelopes my heart when the winds of uncertainty are blowing

It’s madness to put a perimeter around vaccine programs

Making a mound of conspiracy theories at the gate

This will never bring peace and happiness to humanity

Yes, we need to build a staircase of checks and balances

We need to closely follow the science

And pour ourselves on each and every method or analytical tool

We need to scrutinize the data

But we cannot bury the vaccination program

Together with our hopelessness

We cannot afford to trust conspiracy theories

Over the altruistic efforts of the scientific community

Yes, there is a dark cloud in the book of vaccinations

History is full of unscrupulous fellas

Who trampled on the book of ethics

And ignored ethical principles

But there are good men and women out there

Who have had sleepless nights

Looking at the double helix of life

Asking difficult questions

Seeking answers from the deepest corners of knowledge

Yes, we have to give credit where credit is due

We need to give them a round of applause

For all their efforts

Let’s bring ourselves to the tabernacle of spirituality

And get vaccinated with hope

Then we will be ready to be inoculated


©Kenneth Maswabi



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