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This poem speaks about an intimacy that is made in heaven.

Poem: Intimate

Like a gushing river
I don’t know where I am going
But it feels good to be inside the unknown
I am flowing towards the ocean of consciousness
And on the way I won’t hesitate to quench your thirst
I will give life to the magnitude of hungry souls
I will spread the molecule of my being into every heart
I will spend sometime in the desolate parts of existence
Not to judge or disparage anyone
But to nourish the substance of life
And plant a few seeds of hope
It’s not my job to ask questions
It’s my art to meander and follow the slope of life
It’s only real when I am fully clothed with Love
That I must bring joy to the heart of life
Like a river, I am carrying the waters of the spirit
It’s common to encounter rocky terrain
And I will be fed with uncertainty
As my being is bartered by the crude hand of life
I refuse to hold the hand of fear
But I will undress my being
And be submerged in Silence
I will address the spirit within
And be fully clothed with hope
This bizarre intimacy with consciousness
Stems from the deepest part of my heart
I am possessed by the mystery of life
I can only find my path in life
And follow the mystery home
Poetry keeps me awake
Listening to the strange sound of Silence
Wrapped in nothingness
My whole being illuminated
I am a canvas of existence
Life is a story written on my fabric

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