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This poem speaks about the Truth.

Poem: it doesn’t matter


Today’s opinion is tomorrow’s rubbish

It is the full swing of life that establishes order

The fist of life punches hard on the sac of ignorance and wickedness

Regardless of your opinion, life sticks to its agenda

Unperturbed by the tantrums of your swollen mouth

The path of life remains steadfast on showing you the way and the truth

The philosophy of life does not die with philosophers

It is cleansed of their impure motives and blindness

Life will always teach us to be obedient, kind, honest and humble

It will not forsake its path of truth just because a few people decided to run amok

To gather inside the house of conspiracies and falsehoods

And declare themselves untouchable to the winds of time

It doesn’t matter how many people surround you

Or how much you are willing to stir the bowl of confusion

If you are on the side of evil and wickedness, you will be exposed

You will find yourself isolated by the winds of time

You will beg for mercy and no one will listen

It is not wise to fool multitudes of people

With your deceptive ways and uncalibrated mind

It is the burden of foolishness that will weigh down on you

You will suffer the consequences of your foolish ways

You have to learn to kneel on the altar of humility

And be the sacrificial lamb on the altar of the truth

It is only the Light of God that sees through the veil of life

It is the indiscernible specks of wickedness that will be illuminated

And the power of the Truth will descend on your soul

Then, you will know the whole Truth

God is the Truth


©Kenneth Maswabi


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