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This poem reveals a secret, Love is kind.

Poem: It is not a mistake

It is not a mistake


The truth is not painful

Our eyes are only sore because of the Light

It is not a mistake that you were born like that

Your life is a hospital and a training session

Poor or rich, educated or not

These are only syllabuses in the school of life

The colour of your skin is not the problem

Your blindness to the truth is the only sickness

It hurts to stare at the path of Light

And be exposed to the intensity of Love (God)

But it is only for a little while

Your ego needs to be shredded

And your nakedness polished

This is the purification of the spirit

It is the only purpose of life

Whether poor or rich

You need to be purified

Educated or not

This is not a contest

It is the way of the everlasting life

Stop hurting yourself

Just come back to the pedestal of hope

Drink from the river of life

And be nourished by the fruits of the spirit

Compassion is your therapy, not his or hers

Be humble, humility is the perfect pill for the soul

Embrace peace, it is the only true treasure

Forgive, forgiveness is a soap that cleanses the spirit

Above all, Love unconditionally

This is the way of the spirit

Love is a garment and a shield

That is worn in the presence of God

©Kenneth Maswabi

*My book Love, Consciousness and Humanity: The Shadowless Dreamer – The Illuminated Path of Silence is available at,, Barnes and Noble Bookstores and other online book outlets.

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