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This poem is not a mistake and poets are not a mistake.

Poem: It is not a mistake


Gathering the pieces of the human soul

Poets have been called to make sense of the mystery

They have been given permission to enter the womb of life

Not to be fascinated by human suffering or the ecstasy of Love

But to unlock the deepest meaning of sorrow, joy and peace

Poets are looking under the fabric of existence

To try and answer these difficult questions

That even science has not attempted to answer

It’s the nature of life to unfold the cord of mystery

To pour sorrow on the pavement of life

And let the tears flow

Or to pour love on the heart of humanity

And make a recipe for compassion

It is the mandate of the Poet

To dissect the fibres of existence

And reveal the true vessel of life

Not out of curiosity do poets stumble upon Love

Poets have been given the gift of sight

Not the kind of sight that is full of blindness

It’s the ocean of awareness that paves their path

From ancient times, poets have whispered about Love

In their dreams and in their makeshift worlds

Poets have always pointed to this mysterious aspect of life

As the cause of joy, sorrow and all of life’s rhythms

Love is the divine presence inside the affairs of Man

Without Love, man is inarticulate and incapable of making the right decisions

Without Love, humanity is an infestation of wickedness

A pandemic of selfishness

A house of pain, loneliness and hopelessness

It is not a mistake that Poets exist

To remind humanity that the substance of their being is unconditional Love

To Love is to fulfil the agenda of humanity inside the divine mystery

To Love is to thrive outside the perimeter of materialism

To Love is to exist beyond the boundary of science and technology

To Love is to comprehend the divine mystery

And embrace the divine presence

To Love is to exist inside the mystery

God is the mystery

God is Love

Love is the divine mystery

That we are sent here on earth to find, understand and enjoy

Like an oasis in the desert

Love is the water of the spirit


©Kenneth Maswabi


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