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This poem encourages people to reflect on life and live a life of abundance both physical and spiritual.

Poem: It’s not enough

To wake up everyday

Put on the dress of life

And pretend to be alive

Life, like a dress

Needs to be taken care of

Changed, washed and dried

Folded, unfolded and displayed

Life needs to be a joy, a bastion of hope

To be revered and be cherished

It’s not enough

To sing and praise God

While your heart is neglected

Your spirit is on the threshold of depression

Your mind, body and soul are dilapidated

It’s not enough

To gather all the material wealth

While you are spiritually dead

No semblance of peace, kindness or humility

Not even a flicker of love in your life

It’s not enough

To live a long life

And yet be full of pain

Hatred and violence

It’s not enough

To feel the pain of loneliness

But yet hold tight to your ego

To look at yourself in the mirror

And fail to see the beauty of your soul


© Kenneth Maswabi



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