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This poem opens the door to the spirit.

Poem: It’s not the words


The inner voice

Speaks volume

Not political gibberish

Or economic projections

Neither religious sermon

Nor spectacular love songs

The inner voice holds the door open

Between you and the eternal wisdom

Not to confuse or fill you with spiritual goose bumps

But to light the way and pave a path of hope

It’s the blindfolded existence

That’s full of uncertainty, pain and despair

The inner voice removes the blindness

The dependence on logic, money and connections

Unfolding the everlasting path of light

To illuminate your being

And fill you heart with wisdom

It’s not the words

It’s the presence of Love

In your inner being

That will give you strength

And courage to climb the ladder of consciousness

Where you will be undressed of your ego

Fed the fruits of the spirit

Be full of compassion, gentleness and humility

Be kind hearted and offer your heart

To the altar of Love

Be the sacrifice

And the covenant

In the tabernacle of the Truth

You will look at your fellow human being

And see the face of God

Not out of confusion

But out of infusion with wisdom

The inner voice

Speaks volume

If only you can pause

And listen

You will find yourself

Inside the sacred abode of God




Kenneth Maswabi


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