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This poem highlights the dangers of junk knowledge

Poem: Junk Knowledge


In the latest trend around the world

Junk knowledge is circulating

Attached to our emails, social media and news

We are fed so many varieties of lies and untruths

We are forced to question our hardwired belief systems, values and knowledge

We are made to pry open the solid case of our minds

And find new meaning where there is no meaning

We are being intoxicated with the putrid smells of junk knowledge

And some are drunk with these rotten new kind of knowledge

We have heard of conspiracy theories and fake news

Some so strange we are forced to puke and detoxify

But many people are hanging by every thread of these junk knowledge

Some have made a business out of these lies

Profiting from these wicked acts

This aberrant behaviour is not new

The books of history are full of stories

When mankind chose the path of wickedness

And forsook the truth

We have to be vigilant

And hold tight to our sanity

We have to hold clarity in our being

And cleanse ourselves of the impurities of being

We have to stay away from these junk knowledge


©Kenneth Maswabi




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