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This poem opens the eyes of those who thirst after knowledge

Poem: Knowledge is a funny kind of belief system


In today’s era of knowledge

Everyone is scrambling to know

And people are struggling to know which knowledge to believe in

We have conspirators, vegetarians, economists, politicians,

Religious fundamentalists, Scientists…etc.

All vying for the highest pedestal of knowledge

But what is knowledge?

A drop of water is full of knowledge

But many have chosen to discard this kind of knowledge

Rushing to dive deep into the fabric of knowing

To try and pry open the hard surface of the mind

It is not uncommon for people to add their contents of delusions

Into the cup of knowledge, unaware that they have created a poisonous vile

They will go ahead and pour this toxic mixture into the river of life

Do not hold knowledge in your hands and be satisfied with yourself

Empty yourself and remove all traces of your acquired knowledge

Because knowledge is a funny kind of belief system

Disrobe yourself of this delusion

And only put on the garment of nothingness

Now, you can search for the Truth (true knowledge)

Not with the eyes of logic or through any algorithms

But with the substance of your being

The mind alone is not capable of telling you the Truth

The body alone will not enter the realm of the Truth

The Soul alone will not forsake its covenant and show you the Truth

The body, mind and soul have to be together

And in unison, they are will dissolve into Silence (Stillness)

This is the path of Light

The Truth is not a specific kind of knowledge (not science or religion or culture)

It is true knowledge poured into the fabric of being

So that we can discern between what is truly us and what is acquired

True knowledge (The Truth) is not acquired

It is the substance of our being

Now you can allow your body, mind and soul to disentangle

And your heart will be the portal of knowing

This is the spirituality of knowing

Faith, hope and Love are the sacred paths of knowing

But unconditional Love is the ultimate awareness

©Kenneth Maswabi







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