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This poem is a ray of hope.

Poem: Let today be a day of hope


Today I read a story

A similar story happened yesterday

And probably will happen again tomorrow

This is not a dream

This story is happening all over the world

It’s repeating itself

Under the auspices of a pandemic

It’s a story of a young man or woman or mother or father

It’s a story of children, teenagers, adults and the elderly

A story of people losing their lives

A story of death due to Covid-19 disease

It’s not a story for bedtime

It’s a story for all of us

To listen

To pray

To put on our masks

To wash or sanitize our hands more frequently

To be safe and practice social distancing

Let us let today be the day we come together

Under the tabernacle of our hearts

And clothe ourselves

With the spirit of humanity

Let today be a day of hope


©Kenneth Maswabi




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