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This poem is a call to enlighten our civilisation

Poem: Let us redefine our civilisation

Let us redefine our civilization

We live in an unequal society
Where the poor live on less than a dollar a day
And the rich wallow in the produce of materialism
Is civilization a state of the mind
Or an ideology that has nothing to do with the clarity of consciousness?
Should we equate civilization to the notion of survival of the fittest?
Is there a place for the spirit of humanity inside the ark of civilization?
Should we celebrate the shining wheels of materialism?
Or should we weep for the decaying fabric of consciousness?
Should we stand together on the pedestal of hope when others are frail and weak?
Others are denied the means and resources to succeed
Should we call ourselves civilized

When we cannot denounce the horrendous state of inequality?
Let the Covid-19 pandemic be our test as humanity
We should make our choices clear
Do we choose the dark path of exploitation, selfishness and hatred?
Or should we enlighten our minds

And let the veil that clouds our consciousness be lifted?
We need to illuminate the path of our discourse
And let those with higher forms of consciousness be in front
This is the path of Light
The substance of consciousness is God
Let us all fear God and our existence will be secured
The injustices of vaccine distribution is appalling
Let us all stand up for humanity
Let us uproot evil from the book of our civilization
And let the light of consciousness be our guide
The Covid-19 pandemic is an apostrophe in the history of humankind
Let us pause and reflect
Let us pave a path of enlightenment
Devoid of selfishness and wickedness
Let us take our place inside the kingdom of God
It is now or never that humanity can stand together
It is now or never that civilization can mean freedom, peace and prosperity for all

Let us be an enlightened civilization


Inspired by the honourable Poet Md Zafar Alam Bhuiyan


© Kenneth Maswabi





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