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This poem is a call for the spirit of humanity to be showcased in the fight against the pandemic.

Poem: Let’s cross this river together


Carry me to the other side

And I will carry you in my heart

The river of sorrow gushes through my veins

Planting turmoil in my soul

Uprooting the big tent of serenity in my being

Washing away all the peace and joy in my heart

The river of sorrow has buried me in hopelessness

Opening a big chasm of unending despair in my heart

How can I cross this terrifying river alone?

The flood of sorrow has reached petrifying heights

Swallowing all the remnants of hope in the bowl of my heart

I call upon you to be my companion, helper and my strength

To unleash the rays of hope

And provide the raft of your mercy and love

To command this raging storm to stop

I call upon the beautiful spirit of compassion to bandage our hearts

So that we can hold our neighbours, friends and compatriots by the hand

As we battle this terrifying ordeal

Let us be each other’s keepers

And display the spirit of humanity on the face of these uncertain times

It is now or never that humanity should erect the bridge of hope

For all the people of the world, regardless of race, creed and geographic location

Let us breakdown the walls of hate and inequality

And pave a path of togetherness

Let us all have access to the best vaccines against Covid-19 disease

And inject a powerful message on the belly of the beast

We call upon developed nations to be the patrons of mercy

And provide all the necessary help and aid to developing nations

Let us cross this river together

©Kenneth Maswabi


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