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This poem is my insanity.

Poem: Licence to madness


I have been given the capsule of insanity

Not because I am about to wreak havoc

But because I am willing to touch the unknown

It’s the licence to madness that gives me the mandate

To enter the house of eternity and search for spiritual pearls

It’s not out of the rigid mind-set of logic (time & space)

That one can inhabit the unknown

It’s out of pure freedom that one climbs into the realm of nothingness

It’s not out of fear that one explores the dimensionless realm of existence

It’s out of hope and Love that one touches the fibre of being

It’s this licence to madness that gives me the audacity to undress myself

And submerge myself in Silence

It’s the spirit within that gives me direction

And helps me to fully occupy the house of Love

It’s only through the abandonment of my ego

That I can stand on the pedestal of hope

It’s only through the shattering of my ego

That I can bow down in humility

It’s only through the nakedness of my spirit

That I can be the fabric of existence

Not bothered by the glittering trinkets of materialism

I am a citizen of nothingness

And my occupation is not defined by the syllabus of man (woman)

I am inside the everlasting molecule of Silence

And everything else is meaningless

But at the same time I occupy each and every heart

And everything is unconditional Love


©Kenneth Maswabi


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