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This poem reveals a beautiful encounter and a marriage of a lifetime.

Poem: Life found me


Along the corridors of my existence

I had an extraordinary encounter

Life found me

And i made a commitment

To hold life’s beauty in my hands

And let it flow through my being

This is the most beautiful marriage

I have been to the summit of life

I have undressed all of my scars

And revealed all my vulnerabilities

Even when the cord of our partnership

Was weak and very fragile

We stood together

This is not an ordinary marriage

We carry each other with dignity and respect

We are bound by the same accord of Love

We are stronger together than apart

Life has shown me so many of its secrets

Fondled with my most sensitive private moments

Made me taste some of its most hidden mysteries

Life filled me with the most beautiful sensations

And made me flow like a river of ecstasy

I have seen the true essence of life

I have tasted the nectar of life

Listened to the silence of its tranquil moments

Allowed the substance of my being to be known

Life taught me to be still

Even when everything seems to be aflame

Engulfed with turmoil and rage

Overpowered by sorrow

I have to let go of my fears

And embrace life with the whole of my being

This marriage is not an ordinary one

It is a marriage of a lifetime


©Kenneth Maswabi


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