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This poem is not a game of life

Poem: Life is not a game


To many people, life is a game

That needs raw power or wit to win

Driven by this intoxicating urge

They dive deep into the game of life

Pouring themselves on every fibre of life

Discarding everything they know about themselves

Rushing to the centre of life’s most loved shore or pitch

Acquiring knowledge and creating a platform for ego to emerge

Acquiring material wealth and all that money can buy

In the process, draining whatever emptiness or silence they had

And filling all the spaces in their hearts with desires, wants, needs and longings

They have now entered a perilous path of selfishness, corruption and deceit

They are forced to wear multiple facial expressions to torment or impress their prey (or quarry)

Their life becomes camouflaged in wealth, power and utter disgust

They start to find it harder and harder to enjoy life

Other people become tools to be used

Everything in their path is an opportunity to be exploited or filth to be discarded

There is no room for powerlessness, humility, compassion and hope

There is no space for emptiness and nothingness

There is no Silence

Life has swallowed them whole

And they no longer exist

Except on the rails of power

Life is not a game

It is a trap

Just like droplets of rainwater

If you want to reach the ocean of life (everlasting life)

Do not rush into every cubicle of life on your path

Always keep your body, mind and soul (consciousness) together

This sacred entity (consciousness) can only exist in emptiness or nothingness

It needs Silence to be glued together

This is the path of the spirit (or Light)

This is the bowl of peace, hope, happiness and Love

You have to remain outside the trap of life

Not to be trapped by life and its pot of juicy tastes

You have to remain empty of all acquired knowledge

Because you are the whole of existence

Do not get lost inside the dimension of space-time

You are the dimensionless realm (eternity)

You are the fabric of Love

And the abode of Love

God is Love and the everlasting life


©Kenneth Maswabi




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