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This poem is standing with life.

Poem: Life is not toxic

There are many poisonous thoughts
But life is not posed to bite
It is the human mind that harbors hatred
As a spear to stab and torment others
Why is this canvas so dirty?
It is the rubble of war
The torn pieces of human flesh
And the cold surface of his eyes
What is this game?
Where are the winners?
Victory belongs to the devil
Humanity is shocked and saddened
The scale of war is beyond us
Maybe it is a trick of the mind
There are no human ethos
Just scattered remains of children
Mothers are left holding the curtain of sorrow
Fathers are the fortress of misery
Who can save them?
Where is common sense?
When other senses are spread on the ground
Tortured and tormented
I can’t believe my eyes
Wielding tears instead of peace
It is a new world
Sorrow is in the sky
Tears soak our skin
But I still believe that life is not toxic
©Kenneth Maswabi
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