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This poem is a river of nothingness

Poem: Like a river of nothingness


I come from no where

And I am flowing to everywhere

Scattering my nothingness

I am uttering my message

In a poetical inspired passage

I will undress myself

And show you my naked spirit

It is not made out of spears of uncertainty

Or the arrogant flavours of ego

It is made up of humility, compassion, hope and Love

My true essence is peace, happiness and unconditional Love

My true destination is the oasis of your heart

Like a river of nothingness

Allow me to be your poem

To hold the air you breathe in my wings

And take your fears away

To nourish the substance of your being

And prune away the branches of wickedness

Like a river of nothingness

Allow me to lift the veil of your entanglements

And remove the cord of attachments

Erase the face of identities

And let you become like the open sea

It is an existence beyond this existence

To hold your breath in a beautiful vessel

And to show-off the true essence of life

In this state, you are a true vessel of being

With all your fears peeling off as waves

And all your storms carried away in haste

It is the depth of your beauty that captures the spirit

Yes, it is the beauty of your spirit that reveals your depth


©Kenneth Maswabi



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