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This poem is like a river of life.

Poem: Like a river

I am a container

That carries living water (spirit)

From the divine skies

To the ocean of being

Like a river

I am swollen with the waves of uncertainty

And the quietness of tranquility (stillness)

Like a river

I am a channel of the divine Love

From the atmosphere of God

Into the solid ground of the heart

I am the fabric of the flowing poetic substance

I am the rupturing, unbelievable roar

A flood in the open plains of the heart

I am a river of living water

That nourishes and rejuvenates life

Creating a lush wilderness of beautiful thoughts and emotions

Like a river

I am forever flowing to the ocean of awareness

I must create clarity out of silt and muddled waters

I must open the window of life

And let it breathe the divine fragrance

Through poetry, I have found a portal

A mystery that gives us access to the heart of God

I am the contents of unconditional Love

The substance of the divine spirit

The gospel of Faith, Hope and Love

©Kenneth Maswabi

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