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This poem is like a seed, full of life.

Poem: Like a seed


Today, I want to unleash my spirit like a seed

The solid surface of life will not stand on my way

Not even the uncultured negative forces of life will touch me

I will awaken my being and sprout out of my comfort zone

I will emerge as a tiny speck of an unknown truth

A little misunderstood branch of life will be revealed

I will be the spiritual force behind so many of the vital organs of life

Like a seed, I will undress myself of all my mystical nature

And endeavour to cover the canopy of life with the fruits of the spirit

I will create a niche for all goodhearted people to inhabit

And will make a garden of peace for the warring tribes of the world

Like a seed, I am more than a force of life

I am the fragrance of life and I am the colours of life

I am the nutrition of the world and I am the medicine of the world

I am not bothered by all these achievements

I will give you shade to rest your troubled heart

I will nurture and nourish your spirit

Like a seed, I will unveil my petals and my secrets

All of the world will know the true colours of the spirit

This is not a new gospel, it is the spirit of goodness

The nature of all living things is to manifest the true colours of life

And I am about to erupt from the hard surface of the unknown mystery

To taste the open skies and be a tree of life

It is with utmost satisfaction that I declare my mission

Like a seed, I am a missionary of life


©Kenneth Maswabi


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