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This poem is the illumination of the mystery of spirit poetry

Poem: Like a tree of light


I am sitting on the pedestal of hope

My roots tethered to the ground

My dream majestically towering above my shadowless frame

I am a species of the most sacred tree of life

I welcome every form of life

To perch on my branches of consciousness

Just for a little while

Or to build a nest

That is made of peace, hope and Love

It is only the beginning of the season of light

All of my fruits are meant for you

This knowledge is not mine

It is the spirit of Love that has sent me

To be the beacon of hope and the radiating tree of life

Don’t marvel at the words, drink from the palm of being

It is the substance of being that needs your utmost attention

Look within and don’t ever look back

You are like a flowing river

All your waters are precious

To nourish the substance of life

Do not fear, this knowledge is not toxic

It is made up of light

And it is the substance of Silence

You can invite your friends

To gather around the womb of life

Your family as well are invited

I am a tree of light

My branches are never full of shadows

My leaves are made up of pure intentions

Unconditional Love is my state of being

You are most welcome to take home some of my hospitality

And spread it around your homes

It is the stuff of mystery, to Love beyond logic

But I am the mystery that is unfolded


©Kenneth Maswabi



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